May 26 2015

Cross Check Part 1

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Tom Faulk and Paul Canon star in this great college flick, made by especially for ‘Big Dicks At School.’ Do you remember your college days? Or are you still in college? Have you ever fancied your roommate and wondered what it would be like to have full on man to man sex with him? Has he ever seen you, not just naked, but with a raging hard on? College days are the best days of our lives and, while there, we should try everything, and everyone.

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Tom Faulk looks like a typical college dude; he has blonde floppy hair, and cheeky green eyes. He also looks like he could happily skip a class and go surfing with mates. He has an athletic build with plenty of coloured tattoos. He is also one of’s exclusive hot models, and is ready for anything and anyone. College guys would go, and do go, crazy for him. Tom has starred in forty eight hardcore movies for which include ‘College John parts 1 and 2,’ which also star Vance Crawford, Johnny Rapid and Jack King. Tom is versatile with a seven inch cut dick, a tight ass, is five foot eleven inched high and weighs 180 pounds.
Paul Canon is another good looking young man with long brown hair and brown eyes. He is a cool looking dude with a lean smooth body and a couple of tattoos. He is a versatile top with a seven inch cut cock. He is five foot ten and weighs 160 pounds. He has been in only two other flicks for so far and they were ‘Bear Weekend parts 2 and 4’ which ended up in a great big orgy.
It’s college time and we watch as Paul Cannon gets ready for a sport practice. He spends a while getting all his gear on, and then Tom Faulk comes in, already dressed up in his kit, and tells Paul that the game has been cancelled. As both boys are already in their outfits they decide to go and practice by themselves anyway. Paul lies on the grass and asks Tom to ‘spot’ him. Tom says okay, and comes and holds one of Paul’s legs as he does some sit-ups. Paul notices Tom has a boner and mentions it, Tom shrugs and admits that he has.

What’s wrong with that? Paul finds it a bit weird but admits that it’s not like he hasn’t thought about having sex with Tom before. Tom suggests they go back to their room, and Paul can’t agree fast enough.
As soon as they are in the room they strip naked, well, down to their white jockstraps. Paul lies down with his back against the bed where Tom kneels down and sucks and strokes on Paul’s hard dick. Paul closes his eyes and fondles his own nipple as he is getting the best blowjob of his life so far. Tom stands up and Paul sits up on the edge of the bed, and sucks noisily on Tom’s leaking hard on, massaging his dangling ball sack as he does so. Tom gently groans and slowly fucks Paul’s handsome young face.

Tom want more; his ass is itching for something big and needs it scratched. He gets on the bed on his hands and knees as Paul stands behind him and drills his tight asshole with his condom-covered college dick. The bed creaks and rocks as they carry on fucking like crazy, and all they can think about are the awesome sensations traveling through their dicks and assholes.
Tom Faulk lies on his back, his feet up and behind him, getting fucked like the slut he is. He is loving the feeling of Paul Canon’s big hard dick banging away inside him, bringing his cock closer to the edge by the second. Both men jerk on their cocks in one mad frenzy and spurt their hot juicy cum over Tom’s ravished body at the same time.

Paul leans over and kisses Tom on the lips and admits that he’s been waiting forever for this great fuck. I get the feeling that this won’t be the last time we see them getting it on with each other; they make a great hot and horny couple!