Dec 25 2013

Big Dicks At School with twink pornstar Tom Faulk

Say what? The brotherhood of the traveling underwear (and part two!)? What’s this all about I wondered as I started to watch the scene. Brilliant title, as it turns out, and so typical of, they have such original ideas for their porn movies. It’s great to find a story with characters and, in this case, and on-going theme. I mean, those cheap and tacky vids we see where two guys are already kissing and grappling when the show starts, there’s no build up, no erotica, nothing to get your imagination into. There is here though, for sure.

Smooth, twinky, sexy, totally ‘please can I fuck you’ Hunter Page is at home chilling out when he gets delivery of a strange package. (He can have my package anytime.) It’s underwear sent from a friend, underwear that has brought him good luck and great times when he wore it; Hunter is instructed to put it on. Of course he thinks it’s a joke but after a while he's curious and then he changes into it, giving us a quick flash of his long, floppy cock. The underwear fits him perfectly and no sooner is it on and hugging his perfect butt than sexy housemate Tom Faulk comes in and, within seconds, the sex starts.

Hunter becomes Tom’s sex machine for a good long while, taking his long cut cock right into his throat, swallowing it right down to his nuts, while Tom feels him up, his young cock getting stiffer in the underwear. Finally though it has to come out. Tom wants to suck this twink’s impressive length and they take it in turns to get their manly cocks hard and wet and warm in their mouths.

The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 2

You’ll find it hard not to be jealous of Tom when he gets Hunter bent over on the sofa, his smooth bubble but up in the air, lubed up and ready for his stiff cock. You will want to be the one drilling that cute boy ass. But Tom does it for you, feeling his housemate’s heat as he fucks him slow, then hard, the faster, doggy style, while we get close up underneath, as Hunter rides him, takes him on his side, tries every position they can think if until… Hunter comes first, a nice long stream of jizz, soon followed by Tom’s wad on his face, and all the time the special underwear is there, casting its magic. I wonder who Hunter will pass it along to next.