Feb 24 2015

Bump! Part 1

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and that’s one of the reasons we like Big Dicks At School. This site, and others from the gay men network, is always adding new and hot guys to its cast list. This time, in at the start of a new series, we have Owen Michaels making his first appearance for the hottest site from the hottest network. He’s a cut top with an eight inch dick, and he’s got two identical tattoos on his upper body; two stars. Does that mean this new boy at the college of cock is only going to get a two star rating? We’ll have to watch the scene and find out.
tom faulk
It’s called Bump (part one) and also features relative newcomer Colt Rivers and the 27th appearance from horny blonde boy Tom Faulk. It starts off outside the college on the handball court where Owen and Tom are practising when Colt comes along to give some tips. These are fit, smooth, sexy guys, but soon it’s time to call it a day and hit the showers. Owen, stocky and cute in an innocent, amateur kind of way, is clearly turned on by the sight of Tom stripping down before his shower. He does that hot thing where he grabs his cock through his shorts as he looks the other guy up and down. Tom catches on and very soon the two sportsmen are getting it together right there in the locker room.

Owen earns his first star by working Tom’s cock with his lips and mouth, sucking his shaft right down and deep-throating him, making Tom groan in pleasure. The guys move to the shower and the sucking continues. Water runs down over Owen’s sweet lips as he slides his mouth up and down over that shaft. At the same time he’s now naked, wet and hard, and is sliding his own wet fingers up and down his thick cock. A cock the Tom is keen to have a blow on and so gets down on his team mate. This oral dream goes on under the shower for glorious minute after glorious minute until Tom lets our new top-on-the-block into his ass.

Judging by the sounds Tom is making, Owen earns his second star from the way he fucks ass. It feels so good for Tom he lets him fuck him up against the wall and then over on his back on the locker room bench. Owen has him upside-down when we pull back to reveal that Colt is now naked in the passageway and stroking his own boner. There’s a wonderfully voyeuristic feel to the end of this scene and the cum shots. And it is in the final cum shot the Owen earns his other three stars (you’ll see). This new guy gives a five star performance for sure and the scene itself scores top marks from me. Check out more gay men videos at http://www.guyalert.com/

May 16 2014

School Trip with Tom Faulk And Ricky Decker

Ricky Decker makes his first outing into the world of Men.com porn with a blast of a show at Big Dicks At School. That’s the site that this movie comes from and, titled School Trip, it sees one of or horny students, Tom Faulk, on an away match trip with the hots for his coach, played by dark and sexy Ricky. He’s a cut top with a weighty eight inches hanging between his legs, he’s got a Latin appearance with dark hair, stands nearly six feet tall and is going to be complete hit for this site.
The story is a basic one: Tom has a crush on his coach, and the coach isn’t sure about it. They’ve talked about it, it’s not appropriate and it shouldn’t happen. But when Tom more or less forces his way into Ricky’s hotel room and demands they do something, well, even the coach is a unable to resist. Tom is in his football gear but that doesn’t stay on for very long. He grabs his coach, kisses him, Ricky tries to fight back but all too soon his cock is out, his student’s lips are around it and he has to admit to himself that this feels good. He tells his student that no one must know about this but Tom Faulk can’t reply; his mouth is too full of manly, meaty cock.

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Both guys get naked and the coach starts on the student’s cock. He really gives in to his pleasure, he really gets in to this other guy and, around half way through the unexpected happens. Normally in these kinds of scenarios the student wants to get fucked by the coach and the older man takes the younger one; here it is the other way around. The coach wants student dick and the Quarterback obliges on the bed. Tom slowly penetrates Ricky, who clearly loves it judging by the sounds he makes, and a good, long, hardcore fuck session starts up.

It starts up and carries on for a good long time. There’s a great moment when Ricky is sitting on Tom’s dick and his own is half-hard and bouncing around, you get to see all of his dark body as he gets drilled by white cock from underneath. The light into dark continues until you think no one can hold back any longer, and then it continues some more and gets harder and deeper until Ricky finally shoots a great load over his flat stomach, soon to be followed by Tom’s jizz. And even at the end, coach is insisting they don’t talk to anyone about this. Well, sorry coach, I’m telling everyone – it’s a great scene, and a gloriously gooey debut from Ricky Decker. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

Mar 17 2014

Tom Faulk Group Sex

It will be heading further into the evening hours and the lights are low in the college locker-room shower stall, but Dark-skinned Jack King is stroking his thick, nine inch long raging hard-on with his hand and a container of soap for lube. His balls are rocking back and forth. It’s clear that Jack needs to experience some relief and let his massive load of cum explode out of his throbbing cock – and soon.

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As Johnny continues stroking and massaging his own gigantic member, he believes that he’s totally alone, but handsome and muscular Johnny Rapid has snuck in and has been watching in lust as Jack continues to massage his soapy cock and balls. Johnny feels his own member swell up between his leg and his tight jean shorts.
Johnny’s dick continues to grow as he watches jack fondle himself; he can feel the heat of his own cock against his leg and his mouth begins to salivate from the thought of Jack’s giant cock sliding down his wet throat. He also begins to fantasize about licking Jacks clean, tight asshole before slipping a finger, and then his hard cock, deep inside his hot, sweet love-hole until he fills it with cum, feeling it’s warmness drip from the underside of his cock and balls.

As Johnny slips into the shower behind Jack, he slides his hand around his waist and takes the huge, soapy cock into his hands and begins to stroke all the way from the base of the cock up and around the tip. Jack begins to shudder and even shake a bit as Johnny continues to stroke the hard dick expertly. After a couple minutes, Johnny finally slides around, faces he gigantic cock, and places it upon his tongue and slides it into his mouth and then all the way down his throat until his nose pressed against Jacks lower stomach and he could feel the hard cock pulsating against the walls of his throat.
Soon Tom Faulk hears the moaning and enters the shower himself. Soon the three boys are sliding hard dicks into tight assholes. Soon both boys explode their loads of cum onto Johnny’s face and he licks up what he can. Then they cleaned each other off with soapy water as each boy fantasized about their next encounter together.

Jan 06 2014

Hardcore gay porn between Connor Kline and Tom Faulk

Surfer dude meets muscled guys with tattoos and shaved head. You know, the great thing about Men.com is that they know how to get to the point. Some movies you see spend hours getting to the good parts, but every now and then you don’t want all that build up, you just want to see good old fantasy sex and you want to see it start straight away. Well, this movie almost does that. I mean, after all, there needs to be a bit of background. In this case it’s two guys in their dorm, where the Homance series is set, and they’re talking about how much sex this particular campus offers them. ‘Yeah, like the sexy surfer dude I fucked last night.’

Cut to: two guys meeting outside the gym, ‘Before I knew it I was fucking him.’ Cut to: upstairs later, and after only a couple of minutes, surfer-dud Tom Faulk is sucking on the ever-hard cut cock of hunky Connor Kline and we’re off into hardcore fantasy land. Except, being a well shot, excellent quality Men.com scene, the sex is real, natural and totally load blowing.

Tom sucks Connor for a good length of time before getting his own good length sucked in return. You can actually hear Connor gag at times he’s swallowing it so far down his throat. There’s some more swapping about and Connor really face-fucks the blonde guy and we get nice close ups of his rigid shaft and his tightening nuts. He’s got nicely trimmed pubes as well, always a bit of a turn on. Although Tom moves on to rim Connor’s ass, it’s Tom’s smooth butt that gets a dick in it. He’s pretty tight and it takes some pounding over the leather settee to get him really loosened up, but he’s worth the effort and is so completely into being fucked by another guy.

Tom Faulk Porno Underwear 2

After twenty minutes of this kind of brilliant hardcore you’re ready to shoot along with the guys, and Connor gives you a great load to join in with. It covers Tom’s cute face and his jizz drips down his neck.

Cut to: back in the dorm room and Mike says, ‘you think that’s good, I've got a story for you…’ Check out part one first and then get yourself ready for the on-going Homance adventures.

Dec 25 2013

Big Dicks At School with twink pornstar Tom Faulk

Say what? The brotherhood of the traveling underwear (and part two!)? What’s this all about I wondered as I started to watch the scene. Brilliant title, as it turns out, and so typical of Men.com, they have such original ideas for their porn movies. It’s great to find a story with characters and, in this case, and on-going theme. I mean, those cheap and tacky vids we see where two guys are already kissing and grappling when the show starts, there’s no build up, no erotica, nothing to get your imagination into. There is here though, for sure.

Smooth, twinky, sexy, totally ‘please can I fuck you’ Hunter Page is at home chilling out when he gets delivery of a strange package. (He can have my package anytime.) It’s underwear sent from a friend, underwear that has brought him good luck and great times when he wore it; Hunter is instructed to put it on. Of course he thinks it’s a joke but after a while he’s curious and then he changes into it, giving us a quick flash of his long, floppy cock. The underwear fits him perfectly and no sooner is it on and hugging his perfect butt than sexy housemate Tom Faulk comes in and, within seconds, the sex starts.

Hunter becomes Tom’s sex machine for a good long while, taking his long cut cock right into his throat, swallowing it right down to his nuts, while Tom feels him up, his young cock getting stiffer in the underwear. Finally though it has to come out. Tom wants to suck this twink’s impressive length and they take it in turns to get their manly cocks hard and wet and warm in their mouths.

The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear 2

You’ll find it hard not to be jealous of Tom when he gets Hunter bent over on the sofa, his smooth bubble but up in the air, lubed up and ready for his stiff cock. You will want to be the one drilling that cute boy ass. But Tom does it for you, feeling his housemate’s heat as he fucks him slow, then hard, the faster, doggy style, while we get close up underneath, as Hunter rides him, takes him on his side, tries every position they can think if until… Hunter comes first, a nice long stream of jizz, soon followed by Tom’s wad on his face, and all the time the special underwear is there, casting its magic. I wonder who Hunter will pass it along to next.

Dec 19 2013

Tom Faulk fucking Johnny Rapid

Here’s how it went: I was in a kind of twink mood. I say kind of because I didn’t want skinny, scrawny twinks, I wanted something harder and beefier. So I turned to my good and faithful Men (dot-com) for a movie and literally came across ‘He Got Hot’ which has in it a very hot, almost-twink, Johnny Rapid. This guy is slim, smooth, sweet of face, and has all the right twink attributes and yet is in a class of his own. I always like a good session with Johnny and when I found this scene also had in it Tom Faulk, well I was half way to heaven already.

In this perfect match-up, Johnny ‘bumps into’ Tom in the street, though you get the idea that he’s been staking him. Tom’s a right old surfer dude with the muscles, tatts and attitude and, after a ‘remember me?’ session, the two of them head back to the house for some innocent catching up. But you just know that there’s nothing innocent in Johnny’s mind. The chat on the sofa soon turns to girls and why hasn’t Johnny got one? It gets better: he’s still a virgin? (The way he tells Tom, the quit voice, the dark eyebrows, the sexy overbite… ouch, it’s hot!)

Tom Faulk fucking Johnny Rapid

Not to worry, Tom’s going to sort it, the guys are going on a night out, but not before they’ve had some practice. Ok, so it kind of comes out of nowhere but the evening gets off to a homely start with some innocent, first-time, virgin dick sucking. Johnny turns out to be quite good at it and manly Tom turns out to quite like it. Within a few minutes both guys are naked and sucking each other’s’ cocks. Both guys are smooth and hard, and cut, so when Johnny takes his first ride of anther guy’s cock and you get in close for the close-up it’s the second time you nearly blow your load while watching this great scene. And from there on it just gets better and better, harder and faster, and all the way through Tom’s talking and Johnny’s gasping as they guys change positions and Johnny, sweet and innocent looking, gets his first take of man sex.

But, by the way the pair of them explode at the end, we just know it’s not going to be his last.

Dec 19 2013

Tom Faulk Groupsex

You might already have seen the earlier two parts to this college dorm themed story, but if not, no worries as you get all the high octane hardcore you want from this sexy three-way. Homance is a story about housemates, Home and Romance combined I guess. In this case its starts off with shaved headed Connor Kline and cute and natural boy-next-door Mike De Marko chatting about a previous sex session (and Connor stroking his hard cock trough his silky shorts; you nearly blow your load just watching that!). Then blonde muscle guy Tom Faulk, locked out of his own room after a shower, takes up a seat to pass the time.

I bet you’ve had one of those fantasies where you get two guys working on your cock at the same time, I mean, who hasn’t? Well, for Tom that comes true right here. He’s a bit reluctant at first, but not for long, and he’s soon got one roommate working his shaft and the other slurping on his nuts. Tom really gets into the swing of things when he starts sucking on Connor’s long, cut shaft and Mike (the most boyish of the three) takes the lead as suck-master by kneeling between both hard dicks at once and giving them both a mouth massage.

Mike soon plays perfect bottom boy as his ass gets well shafted by Tom as he’s spit-roasted between a cock and a hard place, Connor’s eight inches. Our two tops turnabout and swap places, Connor now drilling Mike’s ass. It’s all getting really hot and close to climax and we’re still only half the way through his amazing scene. I mean how long can they keep this up?

Tom Faulk Group Sex

For more or less a full 25 minutes as it turns out, while Tom drills Mike’s ass and Mike jerks himself with Connor’s big cock in his throat. I mean this is a wild three-way with great close-ups and long shots; it is like you are right there in the action yourself. And when Mike busts his nuts you wonder if he will ever stop. As if he hasn’t covered himself enough with his own juice, his hairy chest then gets covered with two loads from his roommates.

As Tom says, this is the craziest fucking dorm in the whole place and it’s one I want to go and live in!