Apr 22 2015

Str8 To Gay: Peeping Tom Part 2

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Men.com have come up with yet another great fantasy and given it to ‘Str8 To Gay’ for your enjoyment. Men.com are top of their business and leaves others in the shade, they are continually coming up with new ideas how to turn us on, all with great sound and a perfect picture. This hardcore movie stars Andy Banks and Tom Faulk.
This is Andy Banks fourth flick with Men.com, his last one was called The Apartment part 2’, where he gets his ass drilled by Troy Phillips, and was first shown in February 2015. Andy is very good looking with a smooth well-toned body. He is versatile with an eight inch cut dick. He has black hair and has brown smiley eyes.
Tom Faulk is a hot exclusive to Men.com and is in high demand everywhere. He is sexy and young with a good hard body full of wonderful tattoos. He has blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and is five foot eleven. He is very versatile and has a seven inch cut dick, and a nice tight asshole which loves to be fucked long and hard. He has been in forty five hardcore flicks for Men.com so far, with no sign of slowing down. He just gets better and better with each one. His first flick with Men.com was called ‘The Brotherhood Of The Traveling Underwear Part 2’, which also stars Hunter Page. You can see more of his great movies, and many others like him, anytime you want to once you have signed up to Men.com. You won’t be disappointed when you do.
Peeping Tom Part 2
In this naughty flick Tom Faulk is acting strangely in the street; he is spying on someone, but we don’t see who it is as yet. He crouches low and quickly moves down the street. We see him open a gate and go into someone’s back garden. He looks up into a window and we see Andy Banks stripping off his clothes. Tom gets excited as he carries on watching Andy get totally naked, and then lie on the bed. Andy has a big erection and starts to jerk his cock in his hand. Tom opens his own pants and jerks his own cock in time with Andy. Andy turns his head and sees Tom looking through the window. He jumps off the bed and runs to the window asking Tom what on earth he is doing. Andy gets annoyed and pulls him in to the bedroom through the open window. He is even more shocked to see Tom’s pants open, and realizes he has been jerking off as he was watching him. Feeling embarrassed, Andy covers himself up and tells Tom that he is straight. They talk for a while and Tom manages to persuade Andy to let him suck on his cock.

Andy stands up and shoves his cock straight into Tom’s hungry mouth, and fucks his soft lips. Andy quickly realizes how good it feels to have another man suck on his cock and continues face fucking him, letting his balls smack against Tom’s chin. Andy likes it so much he can’t wait to fuck Tom’s sexy ass.
Tom gets on the bed with his head down and his ass high up in the air. Andy slides his cock all the way in and starts drilling his hole as deep as he can go. Tom tells him that straight guys fuck so good, and Andy smacks his ass and fucks him harder and faster doggy style.

He gets Tom to lie on his back and he pounds his asshole as fast as he can. Tom can’t stop moaning with pleasure and spills his cum over his ravished body. Andy Banks pulls his cock out and, after jerking on it a couple of times, empties his ball sack of his own churned up spunk, all over tom Faulk’s cum-covered body.
Andy remembers his girlfriend will be home soon and gets Tom to get out quickly. Typical straight!