Oct 22 2014

Central Park Cruising Part 3

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Sometimes you want your porn movie to just start; none of that long build up, none of that storytelling and scene setting. Well, that’s kind of what happens here in Central Part Cruising Part 3. I say kind of because there is a short set-up, two hunky guys in the park, meeting, heading home and then, within a minute, they are kissing and the sex has started with some habeas, tough-guy foreplay. Well, not that kind of rough and tough, but the guys are.

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Here we’ve got the ever butch Dirk Caber playing alongside and with the ‘hunkier by the week’ Tom Faulk. This is Tom’s 35th appearence for Men.com and regular readers will know his name from other series, such as Tour Of Duty, Daddy’s Workplace and Swingers. And you’ll also recognise Dirk of course, I mean, I saw him only yesterday in the Stepfather’s Secret series, this guy must have balls that never drain the amount of scenes he has been in recently. This is his 16th for the company and it’s another hot and manly scene for Drill My Hole.

After the guys have kissed a bit they start down on the going down and the suck session starts with Tom working Dirk’s seven inches. Dirk is salt and pepper and often plays as the ‘dad’ in scenes and although Tom is hunky and tough himself, he is slightly younger looking. This isn’t one of those ‘older/younger’ scenes though, if you’re after that then head over to the site, sign up and look out the Stepfather series; this is more of a ‘two hot guys pick up and fuck’ scene.

It’s a scene where horny older Dirk Caber gets to do what he wants with his smoother younger Tom Faulk. First he gets a blow job from the guy and then he rims his ass out some. Quite a lot of some actually, and quite a lot of rimming. Then he gets to suck on his boy’s cock a while, giving back to Tom some of the oral pleasure he gave him just now. The guys 69 a bit, and then Dirk gets his pleasure from sitting on Tom’s cock. Ah ha! And you thought this was going to be your typical older fucks younger scene. I told you it was about two guys picking up, and two versatile guys too so after Tom’s fucked Dirk, Dirk Caber fucks Tom Faulk, the guys switch about and we get the best of both worlds, as do they.

Were also get two noisy, manly cum shots and I tell you something; if this is what happens when you go walking in Central Park, I’m on the next Greyhound bus outta here.